Dreams and things.

I’ve been doing some thinking this week- a lot of big time, real life kinda stuff. Because I’m in this internship until May and all I keep thinking is “then what?” And you might be thinking “well Meghan, that’s 8 months away, you don’t need to worry yet”. True, but that’s not the way I operate. 94% of the day I am worrying and the other 6% I’m sleeping and even then, I’m usually having a stress dream. Hence the worrying and hence the thinking.

You see, I’m in this internship for dietetics. And I love it. I love food and people and educating others. I love even more that my internship in particular has an emphasis in sustainability. But there’s just SO MANY things to do in the world that the very broad field of dietetics seems almost limiting. If you ask my friend Alyssa Jones what she wants to do when she’s done with school, she’ll tell you she wants to save the world. And obviously that response gets some of the yeah, okay kinda reactions, but I’m right there with her. I just want to change the world. I want to make it better. I want to make other people’s lives better and safer and healthier and more fair and stable than they are right now.

I want to go to Africa and do something. Anything, really. I want to work on volunteer projects and see what it’s really like, feel what you can’t feel by watching an ad on TV of a child who you can help for only 19 cents a day. I want to be able to help the people who have it worst because I am lucky enough to have it pretty damn good. I want to get involved in a nonprofit and do something, somewhere, anywhere. I want to work on a political campaign and I want to participate in political rallies. I want to advocate right here in the United States for laws that will help protect our planet, our health and women everywhere. I want to go to Nepal and India and Tibet and Bhutan (the only country in the world to measure success by the gross national happiness instead of income). I want to understand other people’s lives and the traditions and the cultures and the adversities and pain. My dad says I’m curious about the world and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. I just want to learn everything I can while I’m here on this great big planet.

Obviously I acknowledge, that that is a HEFTY to-do list and there is a very very slim chance that I will actually do all those things- I’ll be lucky if I do half.  I mentioned these pipe dreams to my boyfriend the other day and he was basically like “okay have fun being broke.” While I acknowledge this could very well be true, I don’t care. I’m not in this life for money beyond the basics (and because I am fortunate, I consider shelter and food basics). I know I can’t actually change the world. But realistically, I could work for a nonprofit. I can participate in some sort of political rally in my life, I’m sure of it. I can take a trip to India and Nepal someday, even if someday is far far into the future. There’s a chance these don’t have to be pipe dreams at all.

There’s a quote that I can’t find now but it’s something to do with not letting the world harden you. That’s how the perspective I’m approaching these ideas with. Obviously, things may not happen the way I see them happening and they probably won’t. But I refuse to let the doubters and naysayers and, dare I say, haters tell me no. I refuse to let the cruel realities of the world be a wet blanket over my imagination. I am going to continue to believe that I can do it all until proven otherwise.

I got dreams baby and don’t you try to stop me.


One thought on “Dreams and things.

  1. “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” -Kurt Vonnegut


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