22 Things

Today is my 22nd birthday, which isn’t exciting except for the fact that I can now relate to what Taylor Swift was singing about. But I did have a lot of “wow life is good” moments in the last week so I decided to share 22 things I’m grateful for on my 22nd birthday (in no particular order).

1. The fact that I own a car and could then jam out HARD to the aforementioned Taylor Swift song and my new favorite song “I Just Wanna Be Happy” by Gloria Estefan (happy, joyous and freeeeee! Happy, joyous and freeee!) on the drive in this morning.
2. My roommate Ashley is the yin to my yang and initiated said dance party and in general, is my complete opposite who complements me better than anyone could. And who also was willing to lay on our living room floor for an hour this afternoon in our underwear because it’s 89 degrees in our apartment and it’s rough okay?
3. Coffee exists.
4. Homemade ice cream shops exist with a sea of rainbow sprinkles contained inside of them.
5. I have never once had to worry about where my next meal was coming from.
6. I live in a country where I at least have a small say in what happens in it. If I disagree with something, I have the right to take a stand against it without the risk of being beaten or killed.
7. My morning tomorrow with be infinitely better than it was last year on that day (my 22nd birthday celebration is much more tame than my 21st).
8. It’s my culinary rotation at my internship this week which means that I essentially go in to the internship to cook under the instruction of a trained chef all day. Possibly (definitely) the best rotation.
9. I can afford to do an unpaid internship for a year in order to pursue my chosen career.
10. I never have to worry about being refused healthcare or about being administered (extremely) inadequate healthcare.
11. Wine (obviously).
12. Even though it may be hot in my apartment, at least I have unlimited access to water and a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.
13. I have a support system that got me through what was probably one of the hardest years of my life thus far.
14. I live in a country where women are treated far better than they are in other places.
15. That being said, I have never faced any sort of serious, harmful discrimination. I have never walked down the street with fears of being shot down, I have never been refused any rights based on my gender, sexual preference, race, etc.
16. I may not have two parents that are married to each other but I have four incredibly supportive and loving parents and that’s even better if you ask me.
17. I have friends who have stood by me through my darkest, silliest, weirdest, craziest times in my life. I’m in a solid relationship that provides me with the laughter and comfort I need.
19. I am healthy enough to do all the things I love- running, reading, yoga, hiking. I can walk, I can dance (poorly), I can move at my own discretion.
20. I’m constantly learning about the nature of life and the way life works. It’s an interesting journey indeed and one I’m thankful to be on.
21. I am free to be whoever I want to be, even if it’s an old soul who asked for a book on fermentation and an immersion blender for her birthday.
22. I have all you beautiful people in my life who have sent me an overwhelming number of texts, messages and calls. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn’t do it without ya.


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