Reality hits hard, my friends.

Days two and three of the internship are done and they were a serious wake-up call. The struggle was REAL. First of all, I am severely sleep deprived and all the coffee in the world can’t fix that (although it was worth the try). After chugging coffee yesterday morning, we started our day by taking a quiz on the 600-page medical terminology book we’ve been supposed to be studying for the last month. After that, we took a practice RD exam. In case any of my fellow dietetics majors/soon-to-be interns are reading this- it is HARD. It is nothing like you expect it to be. It is a LOT of foodservice and a surprisingly small amount of clinical. Honestly, it was a little bit frightening. I guess I know why these internships are necessary now.

Yesterday afternoon involved a VERY long, very monotone library presentation (but we got a free water bottle so that made it a little bit more tolerable). We finished up with a “quick” debriefing and were assigned multiple assignments all due next week. We also got this really cool (sense the sarcasm) book of research articles!

Hooray for homework!
Hooray for homework!
All Ashley and I could do when we got home yesterday.
All Ashley and I could do when we got home yesterday.

This morning we started again bright and early with some dense reading material and continued on through the afternoon learning about competencies and portfolios. We were given a list of competencies we have to meet before the end of the year, which basically means that we need to right down each and every thing we do in rotations and how it builds our professional development. And these lists are LONG. And we need multiple examples of each. And then we take that master list and create a giant portfolio (i.e. a huge binder) of everything (EVERYTHING) we do this year as well as our goals, evaluations, reflections and a whole mess of other stuff. Bottom line is it is a LOT.

And I can see how we get there. Because we were given SO much research and work to do today. I’m already avoiding about 6 different assignments right now. Because we earn graduate credits, we are essentially doing half of a master’s degree right now. Our rotations are 40 hours per week and they expect an additional 16 hours of work outside of that PLUS whatever our rotations require outside of the work day. And I think that 16 hours might be an underestimate based on the work we took home today.

SO. Day two and day three kicked my ass a little bit. I think (know) all the interns are a little overwhelmed but luckily, there’s good parts to the day too. At lunch today, we went out on the quad and had a nice little picnic and at the end of the day, our intern directors surprised us with a trip to the dairy bar where we got DELICIOUS ice cream. In case anyone is wondering, I got summer s’mores which was graham cracker ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and chocolate chips. It almost made the last two days worth it (almost). Luckily, tomorrow is Friday wooohoo yippee! Ashley and I are exploring York, Maine and personally I can’t wait to have a little bit of an internship break. Turns out being a functioning human being is really hard.

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