Very ap(pea)ling.

So in case you guys didn’t know, I’m a big fan of puns and bad jokes. Hence the title. And if you want to know why peas are relevant, keep reading!

Since I have a week before my internship starts, I’ve been spending the last couple days exploring the area since I really don’t know much about the area. Yesterday, I went to Target again (that’s three days running now) to get some things that I needed for the apartment and I just went driving around to see what I could see. I drove by a sign that said “freshly picked greens” and decided that was too exciting to pass up so I promptly turned around and found this.

IMG_2176 IMG_2177

It’s a little shed on the side of the road that sells a variety of certified organic greens!

Now, I have to put in a side note here because I think there’s a lot of confusing about organic foods. A lot of people think they are some how healthier than their non-organic counterparts but that really isn’t the case. The only health benefit organic brings is that their grown without pesticides that may or may not be harmful. But the reason why organic is truly important is because it’s grown in a much more sustainable and Earth-friendly way. It may not do much to your body (besides supplying the normal, wonderful nutritional properties that produce naturally have) but it does a lot for the Earth. It makes soil healthier, reduces water pollution, uses less non-renewable resources and generally just makes the planet a little bit happier. Now here I could go on a rant about certified organic and how a lot of farms don’t have the money to be certified, even if they are farming with practices that meet the requirements. It’s one of my favorite rants right up there with the one about people who eat gluten-free because it’s “healthier” (it’s not, by the way.) But I’ll save those for another time.

ANYWAY, this little market. Set out in a big green field, with a wooden swing in front of it and a dirt road to park on. Inside, there was a fridge packed with bags of greens (literally, bags fell out when you opened the door). There was kale and chard and PEA TENDRILS. They had pea tendrils! Because isn’t it every girl’s dream to live in a place where she has pea tendrils accessible to her? No? Well, that’s surprising.

IMG_2178  IMG_2180

The chalkboard, the old-fashioned fridge, the fact that it runs on the honor system. It’s just too much for me. I actually passed up a farmer’s market that I passed after this because it was too much excitement (and I ran out of cash). This just solidified what I’ve learned since I moved in which is that: I’m pretty sure I’m falling in love with New Hampshire. The markets, the coffee shops, the beautiful roads for running. And the fact that since I’ve been here, I haven’t gotten that stressed about anything is incredible considering I just moved and am starting an internship in a week. So basically, life is good. Just me and my pea tendrils.


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