There’s something about Maine.

There just is. For the past four years, my dad and stepmom have rented the same lake house on Thomas Pond in Maine. We spend the week fishing, eating lobster rolls, reading in the sun. We always take at least one trip to Portland. It’s basically a little slice of New England heaven.

See! There they are.
See! There they are.

They’re two of my favorite people and I consider myself lucky to get to spend a week relaxing with them. And in case your wondering, The Mosquito (the building behind them) has some of the most delicious ice cream you can imagine. Unappealing name, very appealing frozen delicacies.

Side note: this website started on this vacation. I told my dad I was starting a blog and he said “you’ll be great at that, Megs!” But I probably could have told him that I was learning Sanskrit or starting my home at-home brewery and he would have had that same reaction. Because that’s what dads do. At least if you have a good dad, which I am lucky enough to have (in fact, he’s the best).

Anywho, this house. It’s down a dirt road. It’s quiet. The neighbors are kind. We lay reading in the sun during the day and spend the nights fishing and maybe drinking a glass of wine. We do a puzzle and this year, we watched a different movie every night. Vacations like this are one of my favorite definitions of peace. It’s one week of no-makeup-wearing, no alarm-setting, no schedule-following goodness. And really, is there anything better than waking up to this?

I know you can’t hear the birds chirping or the sun warming your face but the answer is no, there is not. I feel a whole different kind of relaxed there. There is something to knowing that you have nowhere to be, that you have nothing you need to do, that you can spend your days exactly how you want to. It’s easier not to think about the things that stress you out, to feel like you are indeed getting away from it all. I spent the majority of my vacation days reading (and also studying super fun medical terminology for my internship!) and I read something that describes the sentiment perfectly. “True wisdom would be the ability to live without this scenery, to be the same person even at the bottom of a well. But that, it has to be said, is not so easy.” (Hector and the Pursuit of Happiness by Francois Lelord for those interested).

Not so easy indeed. Every vacation, it makes me a little bit sad to think that I can’t feel that way all the time, that I can’t take home that distinct feeling of peace. In fact, it’s easy to let it put a damper on the whole week because you’re already dreading when you wake up back in your normal old life next week. Life catches up to you a little faster when you’re in your real, day-to-day life and sometimes, that bums me out pretty hard. But someday, someday the hope is that I can feel that way even at the bottom of the well. That I can cultivate the same peace and contented feeling that I can when I’m living the life of relaxation in the middle of nowhere for a week. But until then, I just have to take what I can get. And so far, that’s not looking so bad either.



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